Social Responsibility Policy

FURAX considers social responsibility in all its activities as part of its self-esteem, humility, respect for people and closeness to the public as one of the fundamental and unchangeable elements of management understanding.

As FURAX, we aim to continue our activities with the requirements of the era, honesty and trust together with our employees, customers and suppliers. We are presenting our company policy to all our business partners in our production facility with the awareness of society, we work in accordance with the laws, special requests of our customers and social standards and invite them to become partners with this understanding.

FURAX company policy includes the following criteria;

At FURAX, the working age is as defined by law, and child labor is not permitted.

FURAX does not employ company employees under any circumstances. All employees are employed in appropriate positions with their own characteristics and abilities under equal conditions.

FURAX fulfills the legal requirements for the health and safety of all its employees, takes the necessary measures to prevent all health and safety risks of its personnel and supports the development of training opportunities and occupational health and safety.

The working environment of our employees is adequately equipped and every opportunity is provided for them to meet their basic needs under hygienic conditions.

Employees at FURAX have the right to freedom of opinion, belief, and no discrimination is applied to anyone in matters such as language, religion, race, gender, social class.

FURAX allows its employees the freedom to come together freely.

FURAX regulates working hours as required by law, does not work overtime on a regular basis and permits employees to work once a week.

FURAX wage policy is evaluated according to the knowledge and skills of our employees and no payment is made below the minimum wage.

FURAX is very sensitive about environmental pollution, protection of nature and animals, fulfills its social responsibility and makes its employees aware of this issue.

FURAX controls all the criteria in the company policy with quality