About Us

Our story, which started with the production of classical furniture in the small industrial site of Antakya in 1996, continued in the form of modern furniture manufacturing because the customer preferences changed in this direction over the years. Variations in nesting table demands and gains at that time, encouraged us to specialize in this field. We used our preference to use natural wood raw material and concentrate on nesting table production which is our specialty. In 2005, we turned our entire production line into nesting table produce. Over the years, our production capacity and number of customers have increased.

We continued to develop new nesting table models, as well as the production of accessories such as tables and chairs. By installing all electronically controlled CNC machines to our production line, we modernized the production line, which consists mostly of manual machines. We established a modern dyeing line and started to carry out dyeing operations in our company, which had been outsourcing.

These investments have made significant improvements in our product quality. In this process, our production volume and number of customers continued to increase and at the beginning of 2016, we moved to our own modern facilities in Antakya Organized Industrial Zone, which has a closed area of ​​7,500 m2. Our production capacity is 6.000 sets / month. We continue to present products, to many regions in Turkey and to abroad.


To add sustainable to every life we touch; by combining modern production systems and knowledge with qualified workforce, and with our business approach with entrepreneurship, innovation and reliability principles.


To contribute to the enrichment of the geographies where we operate, with the purpose of creating value for humanity and economy.To be among the most successful groups in its field, respecting the environment and its competitors, having an entrepreneurial and leadership spirit.